Best Leader Characters to Pick

Some characters may seem to be weak at first but as you go along, their abilities could increase which could help in strengthening your team. Upgrade the basic skills because they would be useful in your battles too. In looking for shards, you might want to consider joining the Squad Cantina Battle and completing hard mode battles. Also, check areas for shipment tabs since they might have shard packs. Keep Reading

Unlocking Darth Vader Character

EA’s recently launched RPG game is well-known for the numerous characters you could obtain as you play the game. But these characters cannot be obtained all at once. You have to work for them. In playing the game for two hours or so, you could end up with your own light side team. It could be possible for the dark side too. Obtaining characters need patience and time, and sometimes, even real money. Now how do you unlock a character like Darth Vader in the game? Keep Reading

Complete Guide to Unlocking Grand Master Yoda

Obtain Yoda in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes together with your five jedis who are ranked up and leveled up. #squadgoals, right?

Grand Master Yoda, one of the most revered Jedis of all time can be a powerful addition to your light side squad. It may be difficult to get him but it’s possible. Start now with the limited time event entitled Grand Master’s Training. Keep Reading

Best Characters Guide

There are now different databases online where you could refer to know Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes’ basic, classes, leader, special, and unique abilities. Find your favorite skills and build a squad that would fit your playing style. Each ability is written with an upgraded version of the skill at its current level capacity. This would help you plan according to an ability’s best possible version. Keep Reading