Are you a Star Wars movie fan? If so, you would certainly like playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters like Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a role-playing combat mobile game published by Electronic Arts, a major game developer. It was released last November 24, 2015 as a collectible card game RPG with compatibility to Android and iOS platforms including iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod touch. The game is available for download on Google Play and iTunes Apple stores online.

Playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes allows each player to bring together almost 60 characters from the Star Wars Empire. Players can then create their own special teams with heroes and other characters available in the Star Wars universe including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Rebels. These squads will then be used to battle out with other players in iconic locations in the galaxy.

At the start, each player is rewarded with a collection of characters immediately while other cards are acquired via battles or as a reward. Training powerful victors and become skilled at every strategy is a must as this will eventually get you closer to victory. Slugging it out in the Squad Cantina Battles and the PvP Squad Arena against other players can be a tough experience but just like reliving the Star Wars experience yet again. Best of all, players can fight in legendary locations known in the films like Tatooine and Coruscant.