Unlocking Darth Vader Character

EA’s recently launched RPG game is well-known for the numerous characters you could obtain as you play the game. But these characters cannot be obtained all at once. You have to work for them. In playing the game for two hours or so, you could end up with your own light side team. It could be possible for the dark side too. Obtaining characters need patience and time, and sometimes, even real money. Now how do you unlock a character like Darth Vader in the game?

First, let’s talk about shards. Basically, each character has a corresponding number of shards you need to collect to have them. The higher the number of shards, the rarer they are. And obtaining a character when you have enough shards doesn’t end there. You could still keep on collecting shards to promote the characters to the next tier. Generating free shards is a possibility with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack that has just been released in 2016. This would make them stronger and could unlock passive or active abilities.

To obtain shards, you could buy data cards. These have two types: bronzium and chromium. Bronzium is the most common data shard and you would use these daily you can earn these by playing or by buying them directly. The same goes with chromium data cards, but they are purchased only using crystals. They are more expensive but they are worth it because they could give you characters with higher stars.

Perhaps everyone wants to add Darth Vader to their roster. Curious on how you could get him? The answer is simple. You just need to clear achievements to earn Vader shards. It would take 80 shards to obtain the Dark Lord of the Sith but he is indeed worth the effort and is a great addition to your team.

There are different ways in obtaining shards and all you have to do is figure out which works best for you. If you also want a particular character, you might want to research first so your goals would be more defined. Good luck!

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